Google Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner is the first and only relational database service that is both strongly consistent and horizontally scalable. With Cloud Spanner you enjoy all the traditional benefits of a relational database: ACID transactions, relational schemas (and schema changes without downtime), SQL queries, high performance, and high availability. But unlike any other relational database service, Cloud Spanner scales horizontally, to hundreds or thousands of servers, so it can handle the highest of transactional workloads. With automatic scaling, synchronous data replication, and node redundancy, Cloud Spanner delivers up to 99.999% (five 9s) of availability for your mission critical applications. In fact, Googlersquo;s internal Spanner service has been handling millions of queries per second from many Google services for years.


API Paths

Get Database Schema (GET) /v1/{database}/ddl OpenAPI
Update Database Schema (PATCH) /v1/{database}/ddl OpenAPI
Delete Database (DELETE) /v1/{database} OpenAPI
Create Session (POST) /v1/{database}/sessions OpenAPI
Cancel Instance (POST) /v1/{name}:cancel OpenAPI
End Session (DELETE) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Get Session (GET) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Update Instance (PATCH) /v1/{name} OpenAPI
Get Databases (GET) /v1/{parent}/databases OpenAPI
Create Database (POST) /v1/{parent}/databases OpenAPI
Get Instance Configurations (GET) /v1/{parent}/instanceConfigs OpenAPI
Get Instances (GET) /v1/{parent}/instances OpenAPI
Create instance (POST) /v1/{parent}/instances OpenAPI
Get IAM Policy (POST) /v1/{resource}:getIamPolicy OpenAPI
Set IAM Policy (POST) /v1/{resource}:setIamPolicy OpenAPI
Test IAM Permissions (POST) /v1/{resource}:testIamPermissions OpenAPI
Begin Transaction (POST) /v1/{session}:beginTransaction OpenAPI
Commit Transaction (POST) /v1/{session}:commit OpenAPI
Execute SQL (POST) /v1/{session}:executeSql OpenAPI
Execute Streaming SQL (POST) /v1/{session}:executeStreamingSql OpenAPI
Read Rows (POST) /v1/{session}:read OpenAPI
Rollback Transaction (POST) /v1/{session}:rollback OpenAPI
Streaming Read (POST) /v1/{session}:streamingRead OpenAPI